Home Learning Tasks - 8th June 2020

Home Learning Tasks
We appreciate the efforts parents are putting in to ensure their child's education is not affected during school closures. 
In this section you will find a selection of English, maths, creative and science activities for your child to complete. This work is related to the Summer term work so it is important that they try and work each day to keep up.
Please look at the timetable to see the explanation of how to do the activities and where to find them. 
You will also find another tab which will have weekly learning projects, each week has a different over arching theme. It is recommended that your child aims to complete a small amount of maths, reading, SPAG and writing each day and produces work towards their project based on their theme throughout the week. Any words or phrases that are underlined in blue are hyperlinks, if you click on these they will direct you to a website. 
If there is anything you are unsure of you can contact the school to speak to a member of staff,
Religious Education Work


Listen to the story of Pentecost


Draw some pictures about what happened during Pentecost

Write simple sentences about what happened

Find the story of Pentecost in the Bible and read it together
Art Work

Junk model your house- Using old packaging (shoe box, cereal box etc.) support your child to make a model of your house.

Can they count how many windows there are and stick on the right amount?

Can they write their house number on the front? 
Science Work
  1.  Exploring with your senses- Gather a collection of household objects e.g. fork, cup, toothbrush, teddy bear, book and show your child. Use a scarf/ material as a blindfold and pass your child one of the objects. Can they figure out what it is through touch alone? Give clues if they are struggling. Swap roles and ask your child to give you an object to figure out. Explore the textures around your house. Can children find something rough, smooth, bumpy.
  2. They could take a wax rubbing of each texture (Lay a piece of paper over the top and rub over with the side of a crayon). You could continue this into the garden