Important information for FY and Year 1 parents of pupils returning to school on

Monday 8th June



Children must come on time not before/after time.


All children brought to the hall by one adult and collected by one adult.


Summer school uniform, no tie, trainers, coats when needed.


Clothes and hair washed nightly.


Line up outside by the cones, one way in, one-way out.


Speak to children before they come, if children are upset they will have to be taken home again.


Behaviour – children have to follow the school rules at all times for everyone’s safety parents will be called if children are not safe.


All parents MUST be contactable at all times in case children become unwell.


Full water bottles must be brought to school, no bags at all.


If your child or anyone in your household is unwell with ANY symptoms they must not be brought to school.

Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 

At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, we are a caring community which aims to promote a respect and understanding of all individuals through a sharing of our Catholic Faith and the love of Christ. All children feel a sense of worth, knowing that they are valued and loved by God in their uniqueness.
We seek to create a learning environment which enables our children to succeed to their best ability and which recognises and values their various talents.
We acknowledge the importance of our role in support for the family, the parish and the wider community.
This wonderful Stained-glass window is in the entrance of the school, why not come and have a look ?
Sacred Heart and St Margaret Mary Roman Catholic Church is located in Witton Road (on the corner with Prestbury Road), Aston, Birmingham. Rev Fr Stephen Pimlott is the Parish Priest.
Please follow the link below to celebrate mass via the live stream.
This week's prayers
Christel in Year 6

Dear Lord,

Yesterday was gone.

Tomorrow has not yet come.

We have only today.

 Let us begin. 

Bless our school, bless our teachers, bless our pupils and bless our families.

Please help us to be kind and to always try our best.

 Let us remember, as many hands make a house, so many hearts make a school.


Abigail and Aaron (Year 6 and Year 2)

Dear God,

Help us to be safe during this difficult time,

Even though we are at home, we know the Holy Spirit is still with us.

Thank you for letting us know and showing us that we are going to be fine.

Heal the ones who are sick,

And let the ones next to you be secure


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