Catholic Life at Sacred Heart School

October- The month of the Rosary
Our Faith Ambassadors teaching younger children how to make and pray the rosary.
CAFOD- Brighten Up the Harvest
The children had a wonderful day  wearing their colourful clothes to celebrate the gifts of God’s beautiful world. Staff were overwhelmed with the generosity of children and parents. We understand the huge sacrifices made by families who sometimes struggle themselves but still put other’s needs first. Thank you so much for the food donations that were sent in to help and support others who are less fortunate- you have all been truly living out this half term's Virtues of being grateful and generous! 
Prayer with Archbishop Bernard Longley

In preparation for prayer with Archbishop Bernard, all children took home a Missio calendar and an assembly was held to remind the children why and how we say the Rosary. The whole school gathered to pray the Rosary with Archbishop Bernard. It was a lovely, prayerful afternoon.

Month of Holy Souls- Remembrance Sunday

KS1 and KS2 gathered together to celebrate the month of Holy Souls and Remembrance Sunday. The children gathered around the hall so they could focus on the candles in the centre and the large poppy they contributed to.

FY - Wedding at Cana
FY enjoyed re-enacting the Wedding at Cana today in class. We can see that someone has run out of wine!
Black History Month
We celebrated Black History Month in school during October. Freshwater Theatre Company performed  Anansi stories for KS1 andTales from Windrush for KS2. Year 4 created this incredible image of Nelson Mandela after studying his impact on the world.
Sacred Heart Window
Mrs Craig spent time with FY explaining why the Sacred Heart of Jesus is so important to our school. They took some time to talk to God in this peaceful place.
Mary and Jesus statue
Mrs Badland's neighbour, Mr Bragginton, reconditioned and cleaned our lovely Mary and Jesus statue. Our Faith Ambassador, Elisa, and Mrs Badland wrote him a letter of thanks.
Please come and see how beautiful it looks in our Sacred Heart window.
FY Welcome Mass
FY were very excited to receive their prayer book and Crucifix from Father Stephen. Father told them, 
"Remember Jesus loves you."
Weekly Prayer Group
Our voluntary prayer group is growing all the time. What a wonderful way to come and share your worries with God and pray for your own intentions. 
Year 4 Advent prayers and promises
Year 4 children have created this wonderful tree that is displayed in the Computing suite to remind everyone of how they are preparing and thinking of others this Advent.
Thank you, Year 4!
Every child in school enjoyed making a Christingle today and joined in beautiful services to remind everyone of Jesus love around the world, the fruits of God's creation and the hope that Jesus brings us as the light of the world.
It was lovely to hear children explaining the meaning of the christingle to their parents at home time.
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception
We celebrated this wonderful day with cake. 
God chose Mary, when she was born, for the special job of being Jesus' mother.
Scripture Champion Meeting- The Year of the Word
So many children came to our first Scripture Champion meeting. We shared St. Matthew's Gospel about John the Baptist preparing the way and looked at the words that were special to us.
Kofi and Chidubem will be leading the meeting next week as our Scripture Champions
The Journey of The Magi
Some of our children have discovered The Wise Men travelling around school on their way to Bethlehem; just in time to celebrate the Epiphany of our Lord on 6th January.
KS1 Nativity- Christmas Presence
Our shining stars in KS1 performed wonderfully to show us the real meaning of Christmas- the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ.
Gaudete Sunday
Our Bambinellis are all ready in time for children to take them home for their Nativity scenes.
Christmas Carol Service
A beautiful end to our school term.
Have a happy, holy and peaceful Christmas everyone!
Fundraising for St. Chad's Sanctuary
KS2 children delivered the wonderful donations collected by Sacred Heart during Advent.
Blessing of the Bibles
Sunday of the Word of God
Mr O'Hara blessed all our Bibles in school today. 
For all who read the word of God; may they be inspired to love God with all their heart and soul.
Rosary Group
Mrs McKernan and the children preparing for the Sacrament of The Eucharist pray the Rosary every week by our beautiful Sacred Heart window. 
Blessing of Candles
We remembered Jesus' presentation in the Temple when Simeon said,
"...a light to reveal you to the nations and the glory of your people Israel."