Oxford Reading Tree

At Sacred Heart, reading is mainly delivered through books and resources from the Oxford Reading Tree, a well-established and popular reading scheme which is highly successful in teaching children how to read. These stories are carefully written using simple, natural-sounding language that children can understand. Key words are repeated throughout the storybooks so that children can gradually increase the number of words they can recognise and read.


Supplementary schemes and ‘real books’

We supplement this reading scheme with a variety of other schemes within school such as Ginn 360 and Project X as all children follow their own unique reading journey. Children have an opportunity to read books with a range of different genres and, as we value the importance of reading for pleasure, we have a huge amount of non reading scheme books, ‘real books’, that the children read as home readers and during guided reading.

Range of texts

At Sacred Heart we believe children should receive a broad and balanced reading diet. The range of high quality literature for the children to use will include:


  • stories and poems with familiar settings and those based on imaginary or fantasy worlds

  • texts from a variety of cultures and traditions

  • long established fiction

  • stories, plays and poems by significant children’s authors

  • classic poetry

  • retelling of traditional folk and fairy stories

  • myths and legends

  • stories, plays and poems with patterned, predictable and phonetically related language

  • stories and poems that are challenging in terms of length and vocabulary

  • on screen texts

  • play scripts

  • a wide range of non-fiction texts